28 November, 2019

ANP Technological Innovation Award 2019 for CO2 Capture and Storage using Hydrates - NET4CO2 Technology

University of São Paulo and UNICAMP University of Campinas, together with the Petrogal oil company, were the winners of the ANP - Brazil (Agência Nacional do Petróleo, Gas Natural e Biocombustíveis) Technological Innovation Award 2019 in category I - Oil & Gas Exploration and Production.

The announcement was made at the award ceremony, in Rio de Janeiro, on the 28th of November. In competition, and spread across five different categories, there was a total of 147 projects from 5 oil companies, more than 20 Brazilian technology companies and more than 40 accredited institutions.

The USP and UNICAMP award winning project proposes the production of gas hydrates as a real industrial solution for the CO2 capture and storage and the CH4 purification in oil production at ultra-deep waters. This project uses the NETmix* technology, which has the NET4CO2 fingerprint, for the hydrate production step. The compact character and enhanced mixing and heat transfer achieved with this technology made it ideal for the FPSO application of the project. The continuous production of hydrates has been successfully demonstrated at lab and pilot scale. Compared with alternative absorption processes (amines and ionic liquids) and membranes, this is solution also offers the capability to process different gases without the need to re-inject into the reservoirs. Full comparison will be presented when industrial scale prototype is complete.

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