07 August, 2020

Master's Internship - Chemical Engineering

The CoLAB NET4CO2 is pleased to announce the Master's Internship Program. Through the program, students will be able to apply for full year internships 2020/2021 within one of the many projects of Collaborative Laboratory NET4CO2.  Internships are available for undergraduate students in the fifth year of the Integrate Master’s in Chemical Engineering, with an expected dissertation for the second semester.

Projects available for application (for more information, please click on the link): 

- Catalyst development for the production of synthetic fuels using the Fischer-Tropsch reaction.

- Modeling, validation, and optimization of a HGtS unit for continuous carbon capture.

- Design of chemical processes for carbon dioxide capture and usage for a carbon dioxide circular economy.

Applicants should submit an extended curriculum with details of their academic pathway and relevant experiences, a cover letter, a proof of academic year and a list of taken courses. 
All applicants must state the name of the internship in the subject line of the email.

The application deadline is Sunday, September 20th.