02 August, 2021

Open Calls: Junior Researchers

The Net4CO2 CoLAB is pleased to announce two open calls for new team members. These are Junior Research positions in the field of Chemical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. If you are interest in sustainable industrial solutions, innovation and researching, these opportunities are for you!

Your role in the team

#1: You will support the development of our novel technical solutions by performing experimental work on lab-scale prototypes.


#2: You will support our novel solutions by performing computational fluid dynamic (CFD), structural and mechanical simulations.

Our ideal candidate #1 has/is

  • Master’s Chemical Engineering (preferred) or Mechanical Engineering
  • Comfortable with experimental work
  • Owner of a methodical and logical approach to experimental work
  • Must be comfortable with collecting, analysing, and interpreting data
  • Experience in safety in laboratory and procedure implementation and control
  • Excellent communication and teamworking capacities
  • “Problem Solver” profile

Our ideal candidate #2 has/is

  • Master’s in Mechanical or Chemical Engineering
  • Experience in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) using Ansys Fluent, as well as capacity to critically assess and interpret the results
  • Experience in the construction of computational structured grids/meshes using the tools available in Ansys
  • Knowledge in 3D modelling and 2D drawings using Solidworks, or similar
  • Experience in structural and mechanical simulation (FEM from Ansys or Solidworks are preferred)
  • Solid knowledge in heat transfer and fluid mechanics
  • Excellent communication capacities and teamwork
  • ·“Problem Solver” profile

What do we offer?

  • The opportunity to be part of a team aiming to contribute for a decarbonised future
  • Assistance and freedom to solve complex problems as you see fit
  • An innovative and stimulating environment where ideas ‘outside the box’ blossom

We are looking forward to meet you!

Apply to [email protected] with your CV and motivation letter until September 15th.