22 July, 2022

We are hiring!

We are an R&D nonprofit organization focusing on creating sustainable industrial solutions responding to the challenge of the European Green Deal ambition for climate neutrality in 2050. If you are interested in sustainable industrial solutions, innovation and researching, this opportunity might be for you! 
We are hiring two new members in the fields of mechanical and chemical engineering.  

Position #1: Researcher, Mechanical Engineering
You will support the development of our novel technical solutions for CO2 capture from flue gas and production of synthetic fuels, methanol and blue hydrogen. You’ll do that by designing products, equipment's and lab-scale processes using 3D modelling tools.

Our ideal candidate has:
  • At least Master’s in Mechanical Engineering
  • Knowledge in 3D modelling using Solidworks, or similar
  • Ease of building 2D drawings from modelled objects
  • Experience in structural and mechanical simulation (FEM from Ansys or Solidworks are preferred)
  • Solid English skills mandatory
  • Excellent communication capacities and teamwork
  • “Problem Solver” profile
  • Experience is preferred and valued
Position #2: Researcher, Chemical Engineering
You will support the development of our novel technical solutions for CO2 utilization towards the production of synthetic fuels. You’ll do that by preparing and testing different catalytic materials.

Our ideal candidate has: 
  • At least Master’s in Chemical Engineering
  • Experience in preparation and characterization of catalysts, as well as capacity to critically assess and interpret the results
  • Experience in heterogenous catalysis using both batch and fixed-bed reactors
  • Experience in areas related to the synthesis of synthetic fuels
  • Experience in using chromatographic systems for product separation and quantification
  • Excellent communication skills and teamwork
  • “Problem Solver” profile
What do we offer?
  • The opportunity to be part of a team aiming to contribute for a decarbonised future
  • Assistance and freedom to solve complex problems as you see fit
  • An innovative and stimulating environment where ideas ‘outside the box’ blossom
  • Competitive salary

We are looking forward to meet you!

Apply to [email protected] with your CV and motivation letter until August 31st