About us
The Collaborative Laboratory NET4CO2, a private nonprofit organization, is a network of R&D competences and technologies with the goal of creating new processes and products that make a significant contribution to the CO2 sustainable circular economy.
Our current lifestyle is highly dependent on non-renewable energy sources, such as petroleum, natural gas or coal. Obtaining energy from these fuels means the release of a significant number of particles and also an increase in the amount CO2 in the atmosphere. The pace at which this CO2 emissions are increasing is faster that the Earth capability to adapt. The consequences are starting to be noticeable with the frequency of extreme natural events increasing over the last few years, and the destruction of ecosystems.

The NET4CO2 aims to mitigate these trends without compromising the quality of life we are used to. For that, technical solutions are being developed on two main fronts:
  • A safe, efficient and profitable capture and separation of CO2;
  • A competitive production of alternative fuels: synthetic fuels, which provide a route for CO2 and CH4 reutilization; and hydrogen which involves zero CO2 emissions.