Application: NORTE-06-3559-FSE-000069
Beneficiary Entity: PT515304239; NET4CO2 Association - Network for a Sustainable CO2 Economy (Collaborative Laboratory)
Typology: Highly qualified employment in companies - Hiring Highly Qualified Human Resources (PME or CoLAB)
Call: NORTE-59-2018-41
Operational Program: North 2020
Region: North
Source of Funding: European Social Fund (FSE)

Financing Modality
Total Elegible Contribution: € 990,000.00
FSE Contribution: € 841,500.00
National Public Contribution: € 148,500.00
Project Start Date: 04-10-2019
Project End Date: 31-08-2022

Project Summary
CoLAB NET4CO2 - Network for a Sustainable CO2 Economy is a new network of R&D competences and technologies with the goal of creating new processes and products that make a significant contribution to CO2 sustainable circular economy. Training and job creation for highly qualified human resources is one of the main objectives of this operation, 7 persons will be hired in the first year (4 doctorates, including the principal researcher, and 3 masters) and 1 more in the second year. These human resources structure will start up operations, develop technologies and global management in order to ensure the future sustainability of CoLAB.
Contracting Human Results
Highly qualified human resources to be hired: 8
Highly qualified human resources hired who are employed six months after support: 7