We help industries reach carbon neutrality and our facilities can be booked for any R&D purpose related to CCUS

Consultancy and Engineering

Our consultancy services aim to help clients identify and implement the most effective technological solutions for reducing & avoiding carbon dioxide emissions.

Baseline study and concept selection

. Preliminary assessment: data collection & analysis, case study definition, technology scouting, pre-selection of business cases.

. Development of business cases: construction of block diagrams with global mass & energy balances, identification of potential solutions, techno-economic analysis (class 4 and 5) considering latest market trends, environmental assessment with prospective life cycle assessment (LCA) and GreenHouse Gas (GHG) accounting following recognized standards.

. Evaluation of the most promising solutions and selection of potential suppliers for a feasibility study. Development of business models, considering policies and incentives in place.

. Support during the Feasibility Study of the CCUS provider. Revision of techno-economic analysis, life cycle assessment (LCA), and CCUS business model.

Front-end Engineering Design To Quality Control Validation

Our knowledge and technical expertise in CCUS technologies will be valuable for supporting Front End Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Operation and QC validation stages.

Sustainability Reporting

From 2024, companies covered by the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) will have to report to what extension their activities are eligible to the Taxonomy and the alignment of those activities towards sustainability requirements (set out in the EU Taxonomy). NET4CO2 can prepare and provide critical reviews to this and other Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), carbon footprinting, and sustainability reports.

Synthesis and Assessment of Materials

We provide our clients with the possibility to assess the performance of their materials for the production of synthetic fuels through FT processes, among others, identifying the most promising materials at different operating conditions. On the other hand, Colab NET4CO2 has a skilled team able to support our clients in the development of effective materials for different technical solutions towards CO2 emissions mitigation. We also offer the possibility of studying and assessing output streams from Industry and analyzing potential applications from a CO2 circular economy point of view.

Evaluation and Characterization of External Materials for Synthetic Fuels

. Characterization of materials using different techniques available at the NET4CO2 network, including XRD, ICP, TEM, BET, TPR, and TPD, among other characterization techniques.

. Study and evaluation of the catalytic performance of different materials;
Assessment of the ideal operating parameters, performing a parametric study.

. Provide a technical-scientific report with main results identifying the most promising materials and the ideal operating conditions.

Development of High-performance Materials for Different Technologic Solutions for Reducing CO2 Emissions

. Preliminary study of the technological system and challenges.

. Proposal of the materials with potential effect for the desired application/solution.

. Support the development of high-performance materials for reducing CO2 emissions, involving different techniques.

Evaluation and Identification of Potential Applications for CO2 -based Output Streams From Industry 

. Analysis of output streams from Industry enclosing CO2, such as flue gas.

. Support in the identification of potential applications aiming to transform output streams into added value compounds towards CO2 circular economy.

Success Cases


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