We are working on developing our own CO2 capture and utilization technologies, alongside other mature technologies.

NetMIX Technology

NET4CO2 technologies are centered in a unique topology of the novel micro/meso mixing planar device, NetMIX, which consists of a network of static mixing chambers interconnected by transport channels that control the mixing of fluids in an efficient, optimized, and reproducible way. The technology can be used to enhance the performance of carbon capture technologies in a continuous process, as well as other capture processes, such as physical and chemical absorption, in order to increase modularity and reduce operating costs.

NetMIX reactor 3D modelling
Active mixing in network chambers
Micro scale NetMIX plate

Carbon Capture Technology

CO2 capture from flue gas and separation for transportation and storage purposes

AirPure HGtS technology enables the continuous separation of carbon dioxide from flue gas produced by hydrocarbon post-combustion, with the captured CO2 taking the form of clathrate hydrates. This innovative process combines an environmentally friendly physical transformation, using a clean solvent, with high CO2 selectivity. A further enhancement is expected with the employment of NetMIX mixing technology, which allows for modular units to be easily retrofitted into existing emitting industries.

Hydrate being continuously produced
Hydrate slurry and being removed from unit
Hydrate containing CO2 inside

Prototypes developed at NET4CO2

CO2 Utilization

We are committed to transforming CO2 into valuable products contributing to a sustainable future

Synthetic fuels and chemicals from CO2
Development of processes, at laboratory and pre-industrial scales, that can convert CO2 together with H2 into various forms of gas fuels, including methane, as well as liquid synthetic fuels such as diesel, gasoline, and biofuels sourced from vegetable oils. Additionally, we are exploring the production of chemicals such as methanol from CO2.

Small-scale of syngas & synfuels production
NET4CO2 aims to develop reactor designs for both syngas production and FT processes, which are feasible at a small scale and economically competitive with the existing large-scale units, which include large fixed or fluidized bed reactors. To achieve these objectives, firstly, we perform a screening of materials to find the ideal operating conditions. This step is crucial for the design and optimization of our reactor prototypes based on NetMIX technology.

We focus on developing processes to convert CO2 into alternative products
Added-value chemicals, such as methanol, can be produced
Synthetic fuel produced at NET4CO2

Prototypes developed at NET4CO2

Water Management & Treatment

We aspire to use technology for further water management and treatment

Our objective is to leverage technology for enhanced water management and treatment. With our WaterPure technology, we aim to revolutionize water management solutions by enabling continuous water desalination at lower operating pressures compared to traditional reverse osmosis methods. Furthermore, WaterPure may have versatile applications in water treatment, allowing for the removal of contaminants such as heavy metals, suspended solids, and various chemicals.

CO2 Industrial services

Based on efficient and alternative technologies to CCS