The ALGEMAR is a research project funded by the  Spanish State Program with several R&D institutions and companies, lead by IGME-CSIC (Spain) to evaluate the Cenozoic Contourite Depositional Systems (CDSs) in the Gulf of Cadiz, and adjacent basins (Guadalquivir and Rharb). In this Project, special attention will be paid to the study of these deposits with emphasis on the evaluation of their potential for geological storage and their role in energy geosciences and energy transition.

IMMAGE is an amphibious drilling proposal designed to recover a complete record of Atlantic-Mediterranean exchange, from its Late Miocene inception to its current configuration, by targeting Miocene offshore sediments on either side of the Gibraltar Strait with IODP and recovering Miocene core from the two precursor connections now exposed on land with ICDP. IMMAGE aims to constrain quantitatively the consequences for ocean circulation and global climate of the inception of Atlantic-Mediterranean exchange.