The latest AAPG GTW on “Mixed Systems on Continental Margins” focused on turbidite, contourite, and mass-transport deposits was held in Lisbon, Portugal from 21-22 June 2023. Over 75 participants from 6 continents from the energy industry, academic institutions, and government agencies discussed the recent achievements and uncertainties of deepwater sedimentary systems from around the world. The program consisted of thirty oral presentations, twenty-one posters, and five keynotes. The program resulted in two days of superb learning in the areas of energy geosciences, the greater energy industry, outcrop and subsurface case studies, and regional analysis.

Mixed deepwater systems are typically deposited at depths that place them in a privileged situation for CO2 storage. Moreover, they are comprised by stacks of reservoirs and seals which, if properly combined in a trap, can provide a perfect storage system and play a highly relevant role in the decarbonisation process. NET4CO2 presented its views and updated studies on the offshore potential of the Algarve basin.