Today we had the chance to participate in a round table with Nuno Matos (EcoOil) and Mariana Doria (A4F-Move to LowC) during the 1st Workshop on Sustainable Fuels organized by NOVA University (Portugal) and Plataforma Combustiveis de Baixo Carbono. An interesting exchange of ideas and perceptions on the role of biofuels, synthetic fuels and other technologies being developed on the decarbonization process. An enthusiastic audience showing that Portugal as a growing R&D community and industry pushing the technology limits.

Once again concerns regarding lack of regulatory framework and government interest have been raised. On the other hand, we are glad to see that industry and academia are gathering efforts through multiple consortiums and implementation of pilot projects.

Hydrogen was also part of the discussion and enthusiasm was cooled down about its role on future energy mixing with several presentations highlighting the technical hurdles that these projects still face.

Last, we would like to congratulate the organization, in particular, Margarida Gonçalves and Claudia Silva, for the excellent event.